NCL Description for Welsh Corgis

Age of on-set of clinical signs: 6 - 8 years

Age of euthanasia: 6 - 9 years

Abnormalities often observed by the owner:
Visual abnormalities: yes
Mental changes: Behavior changes
Changes in gait and posture: unknown
Seizures/convulsions: present
Other changes: unknown

Abnormalities observed upon clinical examinations:
Clinical ophthalmic changes: unknown
Visual abnormalities: unknown
Retinal changes: unknown
Electroretinography (ERG): not assessed
Clinical neurologic changes: unknown
Other clinical findings: unknown

Brain: Gross examination - brain atrophy. Light microscopy - unknown. Electron microscopy - unknown.
Eyes: unknown
Other organs and structures: unknown

Mode of inheritance: unknown

Gene containing mutation: Unknown


Jolly RD, Palmer DN, Studdert VP, et al. Canine ceroid-lipofuscinoses: A review and classification. J SM Anim Pract 1994; 35:299-306