Canine Ceroid Lipofuscinosis Sample Submission

The following forms are available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. Each form is designed to fit on one page, although it may run over to a second page.


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  • Sending Information and Samples - an outline of what information is needed, and how to gather it.
  • Sample Handling - collection instructions to take with you to the veterinarian, and shipping instructions.
  • Foreign Country Additional Instructions - shipping and Customs clearance instruction for samples coming from outside the USA
  • Dog Information & NCL Survey Form - form for basic information about each individual sampled, owner contact information, and survey questions relating to the disease.
  • Litter Information - information on the litter (breeders, please complete this form)
  • Litter List - for listing all members of the litter (breeders, please complete this form)

Adobe Acrobat Documents (PDF)

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